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Peace & Calm: Stress & Anxiety Relief
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Relieve Your Stress & Anxiety Naturally!

4 herbal ingredients only― Ashwagandha. Passion Flower. Lemon Balm. Valerian Root― All clinically proven to help relieve stress & anxiety, safely and effectively!


I work a high stress job. I found myself burnt out and dealing with stress in unhealthy ways. This product has helped me to relax throughout the day, and focus. I even sleep better...

I took 3 capsules before a highly stressful family event and omg. I was able to socialize so easily without any alcohol in my system, which I usually feel like I need in those situations...

I took Peace and Calm in a moment when I felt very tense, frustrated, upset.. I took two capsules and about 20 minutes later, I had forgotten all those previous negative emotions. I felt light hearted and happy...

I took two pills while feeling incredibly overwhelmed and it truly helped diminish feelings of anxiety. I was able to go about my day and complete all my errands in a calm mood!

I took two capsules a few hours before bed and I will say that I felt extremely relaxed and slept so well that night. I woke up feeling great and didn't stumble out of bed like a zombie.

I've noticed a difference in my productivity, ability to focus, stress levels and overall happiness. Great supplement with a great cause.

Just 2 capsules and I feel amazing throughout the day. I couldn't be more satisfied!

Heal Your Mind & Body!

Many of us struggle to regulate our emotions and properly respond to daily stressors, due to dysregulated nervous systems.

Our nervous systems control the way we think, behave, and feel.

Peace & Calm helps regulate your nervous system, increases stress reslience, and alleviates symptoms of stress/ anxiety!

Step out of survival mode and step into a state of peace & calm.

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