Unsustainable & Unethical Companies to Boycott

The companies listed below conduct billions of dollars’ worth of business all around the world and are responsible for the destruction our planet in the name of profit. 

These companies are some of the worst of the worst, however there are still a handful more! We'll do our best to continue listing more companies we believe you should boycott, due to their unsustainable, unethical practices that harm our planet and its people!

Our intention is to make you a more conscious consumer, so you can make educated decisions when shopping. 

We need more people to unite and boycott irresponsible companies to send a clear message: "We are NOT okay with the destruction of our planet!" 

It's time we vote with our dollar. 

We understand this may not be possible for everyone, since the worst companies tend to provide the cheapest products, but for those of you who DO have the privilege of choice- PLEASE do your best to boycott the following companies: 


-Monopolizes rural communities' water resources for companies owned by Nestlé waters (San Pellegrino, Perrier, Arrowhead, Pure Life)

-Former CEO Peter Brabek stated that water is not a fundamental human right, and should be given market value

-Nestlé is guilty of using child slave labor in the creation of Nestlé owned chocolates

-One of the largest contributors to plastic waste in the world


-Prolific worldwide abuser of human rights

-Advocates for water privatization globally for the benefit of its Dasani water brand

-Coca cola contaminated local water supply in India with high levels of chloride and bacteria

-Racially discriminatory practices

-Markets nutritionally void brands to children, and people, around the world

-One of the largest contributors to plastic waste in the world


-Sustainability is “not an immediate business priority” to them

-Publicly linked to the fires in the Amazon Rainforest as it conducted business with the Brazilian beef company JBS- which is under sanction for illegal deforestation, for the fifth time in a year.

-Walmart is a major buyer of Cargill’s- a highly unethical company known to displace indigenous tribes due to deforestation practices.


-As the largest producer of wooden furniture in the world, their commitment to protect priority forests is very low

-Supplies illegally logged wood for its products

-IKEA’s suppliers cut down trees during a “silence period” between April and mid-June, when certain forms of logging in Ukraine are banned during the critical breeding period for lynx and other species


-Their food, utensils, and toys involve significant amounts of beef, soy, and palm oil, paper, and plastic

-Supplies its soy from Cargill, a company renowned for deforestation and illegal practices

-In 1 year, over 120,000 metric tons of palm oil were used by McDonald’s

-Markets nutritionally void brands to children, and people, around the world

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